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to the Japanese American War Veterans website, we are constantly updating this website along with updating the data as information comes in. We plan on making some more updates and additions to the site so stay tuned! Our home is here in Southern California. We have updated some new links at the bottom of the page. Please visit them when you can , they are all quite interesting.

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AJA Donation Information    !!!

Donation information for the AJA Warvets Here. Maybe some newsletters or whatever other information that comes up.

JAKWV Application:    Click here for an application to the Japanese American Korean War Veterans Application posted October 24th, 2000.

Welcome Letter:    Welcoming message from Linda Machida 


Memorial    Information on the National Japanese American Memorial Monument to be constructed in Washington D.C. here.         

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Other Links (working as of 3/11/03) :

Japanese American Veterans Association (JAVA)
Nikkei Games Sports Website
National JA Historical Society
Seattle Sansei Organization
Japanese Internment Camp
Japanese American National Museum
Michael Furukawa's
The Japanese American men and women who served in the various branches of the armed services throughout the world invite you to help perpetuate the history and the memory of the young japanese americans who loyally served our country and gave their lives for the future betterment of Japanese Americans everywhere. 


to all Japanese American soldiers. Units of World War II with predominatntly Americans of Japanese Ancestry:
100th Infantry Battalion (separate)
442nd Regimental Combat Team
Anti-Tank Company
Cannon Company
232nd Engineers Company
522nd Field Artillery Battalion
Military Intelligence Service


And All Those Who Served in the wars ...

You Are Not Forgotten


AJA Veterans Project
Mark Stuars (Webmaster)